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i live in moscow and sing and play at magnetic poetry


Magnetic Poetry - Noone Knows

If you’re curious about musician’s mood in Russia right now, I got a fantastic letter from my friend Oksana, along with their excellent new track:

Hi Mark!!!

How you’ve been!! How’s the summer going so far, any exciting plans? We went on a little get away now stuck in the city for couple of month :( I got a new fun job, which sometimes is too fun and taking too much time from music making, but we struggle.

So, we finished our new EP entitled Far Away. it’s a bit different moodwise, a bit more decadent (deca-dancy, I call it :)) Cos lately things are not going so well here in Russia, with Ukraine and stuff (my 85 nan lives in Ukraine and I cant go visit her for too long) Its a really troubled time, and the songs are mostly about how you cant stay in your little world just with your loved one, and how all the bad things are here to interfere with your safe happiness and you can do nothing about it. But still they are about love, and finding safety next to your lover. 

We listened a lot to 90s music so it influenced the sound a lot.
All the thing is too confusing – that what you get when informational war goes IRL.  It seems to us  that even  people who are actually in this conflict don’t fully understand what they are fighting for and moreover against who.

It’s the case when you can’t really take sides and just  try to emphasize with everyone – which I guess is kinda wrong when its war happening (evil against good, right?). If you turn to media – all of it, foreign even – the information you are getting there can always be just propaganda, or paid by government or just someone’s private point. So you gain this distrust which doesn’t help you to understand things at all. At one side you think that separatism is bad and never leads to good consequences, at other point people revolting against their corrupted government  is totally logic (this would not happen in Russia, we are just too scared). But there’s people dying and suffering, there’s fear and misery. So this should be wrong.

In Russia majority, a really great deal of population are happy with Crimea annexation  chanting in ecstasy “Crimea is ours”! Au contraire, which seems like a fair vote, doesn’t make sense to us at all. If let’s say I live in a border region and don’s want to be a part of Russia, because I think it sucks, I can’t just ask for referendum, right? I’ll be a terrorist, I’ll be a separatist and will go to jail. So how legal and fair this transfer is? The country was troubled and falling apart, people were scared, but will Russia make their lives better? I guess it will! With all the money being sent to Crimea, and not to other needy regions, where people are making 100$ a month.

Our dumbass  government  is mostly just a bunch of attention seeking worthless morons that are here to distract people from real problems – like making a bunch of nonsense laws – like a ban on lace underwear (im not even kidding).  The saddest thing that you can’t make a change, can’t interfere,  can’t say out loud that all the shit is wrong , you just deal with it and hope for the better, that crazy Putin-machine will finally run out of fuel. Every day we wake up and afraid to read the news. That how it goes. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to us.

Uff, too sad. :( 

Anyway, we as always hope you’ll love our new music. Here’s the linky-link and art.
Oksana&Dima <3

1 Noone knows2 Dance together3 Safe By Your Side4 Home5 Lost
New EP is out super-soon


1 Noone knows
2 Dance together
3 Safe By Your Side
4 Home
5 Lost

New EP is out super-soon